Jimmy 2-
Novice womens 8+
Novice Mens 4+
Philip 2-
Philip 2017
Womans novice 4+
Womans club 8+
Womans novice 4x+
Womens Senior 4x-
Star_Petone Composite 8+
Womens club 8+
Womans u20 1x
W u22
PRC Men's HRR Crew
Mens P8+
Lucy WP8+
Ann Carroll
Axel Men's 2-
Beth Ross
Beth U20 4-
EM 2x
EM 4x-
Andrew Bird
Martha McAnallen
PRC logo.jpg
womens U22 4x-.001.jpg
Womens prem 4-.001.jpg
Womens novice 2x.001.jpg
Womens N 4x+.001.jpg
Womens C 8+.001.jpg
Mens senior 2-.001.jpg
Mens P 4x-.001.jpg
Men's S 4-.001.jpg
Mens U22 4x-.001.jpg

Welcome to Petone Rowing Club


Petone Rowing Club (PRC) is proud to offer rowing programs for all fitness and experience levels from Learn to Row to high performance and Masters. 


Our athletes, coaches, and volunteers have won many awards and continue to strive for excellence in the sport of rowing.


We would love to welcome you to our rowing family.

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