Committee and coaches


Petone Rowing Club's Committee is made up entirely of volunteers. There are heaps of opportunities to get involved and help out around the Club.

Committee 2019/20



John Hitchcock



Colin Rolf


Club Captain:

Guy Aitchison


Vice-Club Captain:

Tracey Gardiner



Erica Tuffin



Martha McAnallan

Committee Members:

David Hanley / Miranda Birchler / Jenn Thompson / Greg Stothers / Murray Tuffin / Fiona Burney

Coaches 2020/21


Tracey Gardiner


Peter Rowbotham

Caroline Robertson

Dave Hanley

Kevin Stevenson

Fiona Burney

Graham Pudney

Ross Collinge



If you are interested in helping out around the Club with coaching, boat repairs, maintenance, fundraising, etc please get in touch!