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Welcome to Petone Rowing Club

Welcome to the Petone Rowing Club (PRC), and to the wonderful sport of rowing.


Established in 1900, we have many years of successfully producing champions at local, regional and national level. We also have a proud history of producing International, Commonwealth, World and Olympic Games representatives.


At PRC we encourage the pursuit of excellence in performance both on and off the water, and the development of our members both within and outside the Club.


Rowing is the ultimate team sport, where the blend of strength, stamina, technique, and timing are unique to the sport. It is this emphasis on team work and reliance on your crew mates that leads to the long lasting friendships that are typical within the rowing fraternity.


There are also opportunities for individual achievements in single sculls, and PRC members have done very well in this class in recent years.


We hope you enjoy many years of rowing at PRC, and a lifetime of enjoyment from our sport.

Our history - a club of champions

As a not-for-profit organisation, Petone Rowing Club is run by volunteers, governed by a member-elected Committee.


With a unique blend of members that have consistently achieved local, regional, and national rowing success, PRC is a club of champions.


Rowers from PRC have consistently been selected to represent New Zealand since 1950 until now. This is a significant achievement by any clubs standard.


In the 1950s and 60s PRCs achievements include: Jack McCarten (selected to represent NZ at the 1950 Empire Games); and Geoff Benge (represented NZ at the 1962 Empire Games).


In the 1970s, PRC enjoyed its greatest success (to date), in 1974 Des Lock represented NZ at the World Championships, Bill Vine represented New Zealand as the NZ Colts Manager, and a young Viv Haar represented NZ as a NZ Colt in 1975, and the selection of a Petone person for the World Championships was repeated by Ian Boserio.


In 1977, PRC won the New Zealand Premier Championship Eights, which still remains a great moment of pride and encouragement for the Club, as a measure of achievement and possibilities of what can again be achieved.


PRC colours were defined and agreed on the 11 December 1900, and included white trousers, white cap with red buttons, white singlet with broad red sash, straw hats, (known as Boaters), with red bands.


By the 1960s, the colours had changed to gold tops and black shorts. Today the club has adopted the eye catching fluorescent yellow tops and black shorts.


During the 1950s and 1960s, many PRC rowers also played Rugby for the Petone Rugby Club throughout the winter months, and then returned to PRC to row during the summer.


PRC has a long standing relationship with schools and individual school pupils who wish to row at Petone. In 1982 St. Bernard's College from Lower Hutt joined PRC as an affiliate, under the management and coaching of Brother Terence Costello (who was also the School headmaster).


St. Bernard's involvement with PRC resulted in the school achieving some remarkable successes in a short period of time, such as the crew winning a Gold Medal in the 19B Eights and 19B Four in 1986. This was a proud moment for the School and PRC. St. Bernard's rowed from PRC until 1992, ending a long term relationship after Brother Terence moved to Auckland.

From 1991 to 1994, PRC and Hutt Valley High agreed an affiliation; this short period resulted in some significant talent identified and development, with many rowers nominated to New Zealand Junior selection: including Hunter Tretheway, Stephen Gough, and Michael Wilson. Hunter went on to represent New Zealand at several international regattas against Australia.

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