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As a not for profit sports club our subscription fees are non-refundable and go towards the operating costs of the Petone Rowing Club. These subscription fees are not prorated over a season.

Our subscriptions fees are split into a 'Base Fee' and a 'Fixed License Fee'.
- The Base Fee covers the day to day operating costs of the club (insurance, power, petrol, boat maintenance, etc). 
- The Fixed License Fee is collected by Petone Rowing Club and then paid to the Wellington Rowing Association $40 and New Zealand Rowing $90 to cover race licenses. PRC includes a fixed fee of $20 to cover the administration costs of these fees and charges.


Our subscriptions do not cover regatta and training costs - this is a user pays charge and are dependent on the location and travel requirements. Your Coach / Squad Manager will advise you of any addition costs.

Membership fees MUST be paid in FULL by 30 September 2022. Any person not paid in full by 30 September will not have access to the Club and its equipment.

Any debt outstanding for more than six (6) months will be placed with a debt collector (appointed by Petone Rowing Club).

The Petone Rowing Club reserves the right to contact other clubs and Rowing New Zealand to notify them of any past members with outstanding fees and charges. These must be paid in full before an athlete is released as a member of the Petone Rowing Club.


Internet banking transfers

Account Number:  06 – 0545 – 0067897-00

REFERENCE:   "rowers name (use the rower's name rather than the name of the person making the payment) "

PARTICULARS:  "2022/2023

CODE:  "enter the membership type you have registered for"


To ensure your payment is recorded as soon as possible please send an email to: giving the date, amount of payment and details of payment.

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