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The novice program is for athletes who will be competing in their first rowing season. Due to this, athletes can be of any age, however, the majority of novice rowers currently are 15-16 years old and still at school. If possible, novice rowers will also compete for their school at additional regattas.



After completing a novice, and either one or two intermediate seasons, athletes will move into the club grade. Athletes in this grade have been rowing for various amounts of time, however typically between 2-5 years. Due to this, club rowers range in age. Athletes racing in this grade will train with more intensity than novice rowers and some will race in not only the club grade but also the senior grade.

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Once an athlete has gained the relevant experience required, an athlete will have the opportunity of trialing for a Regional Performance Centre (RPC). There are four RPC's spread across New Zealand - Auckland, Waikato, Central and Southern (Petone Rowing Club is associated with Central RPC). If you are wishing to be selected into various New Zealand crews (Under 21, Under 23 or Elite), RPC is the place to go. At the National Championships, athletes race with their RPC crew but wearing club colours.

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An athlete is classified as Intermediate in their second season of rowing. A key focus of this group is to gain further rowing experience amongst their friends and crewmates. These people, if possible ill also complete for their school at additional regattas.

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Senior Grade rowing is one step below premier - it is for those who are wishing for challenge and for those who have plenty of experience but are not quite ready or wanting to race in the premier grade. These athletes train alongside the club rowers, with a mixed club/senior squad, and train upwards of 12 times per week.



The masters crew are athletes aged 28+ wo enjoy rowing and want to continue with the sport but not necessarily as competitively as club/senior/premier rowers. With two set sessions - Wednesday 6.30pm and Sunday 7.30am, Masters rowing is open to anyone, regardless of experience.

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